29 Jul

Emergency Contraceptive Pills Are Not Autumn Content


Emergency contraceptive pills  have advantages and disadvantages. What is clear, these pills are not a method of autumn content.

Quoted from webmd, emergency contraception is also known as the morning after pill aims to prevent pregnancy. Not to disqualify the content. cara menghitung berat badan ideal

Contraceptive pill-shaped is generally used after sex. A clear contrast to this pill pill. Price doubled times more expensive than regular birth control pills.

This method is often abused by people not responsible. As a result, many people consider this method is a secure way towards free sex.

In fact, one goal of this method is to prevent unwanted pregnancy on rape victims. Another objective is to help family planning programs.

Another addition, these pills can not prevent sexually transmitted diseases. So the pill could not be said to be a safe path towards free sex.

There are other reasons these pills are used only during an emergency. These pills have no side effects such as mood swings (in the mood), stomach heartburn, chest pain, nausea, vomiting, or headache.

The side effects were caused by the pill is made up of hormones. Typically, these pills are dominated by the hormone progesterone or estrogen. The sudden surge of this hormone is clearly have an impact on the body.

If desperate, not unlikely that women will suffer a sense of uncomfortable in the whole body and menstrual cycle disorders. It is feared, will affect the woman’s fertility in later life.

27 Jul

First acquaintance with games Pokemon Go

Well, today in some major countries are excited by the game Pokemon Go, if you already know? Let us revise what the hell, this game Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is a game based Augmented Reality. This game can be played on smartphones with iOS and Android systems. To play, you must use a cell phone camera and activate the GPS in smart phones. This game requires you to catch a Pokemon creature called circulating around you in the real world. Then, the Pokemon can be trained and compete with another player.

This game created and developed by Niantic, but actually Pokemon itself was originally created and still under the auspices of a large gaming company Nintendo. Well, actually for Indonesia this game has not been officially launched. However, some people have been able to download it through the link or links that circulate freely in cyberspace. But, be careful with circulating false application guise Pokemon Go application is, yes!

How to play Pokemon Go Hack App

This game player called the Trainer. A Pokemon Trainer tasked to collect as much as possible. Because this game is connected by GPS in real world then the player could catch Pokemon hidden in a variety of roads, buildings, tourist sites and so on. This game does require you to move, walk and adventure in the real world.

That makes intriguing, each location has a different Pokemon Go Hack PokeCoins criteria. For example, if you’re into the mountains it will be Pokemon types mountains, if the beach will be Pokemon water. Well, museum-meseum in various countries helped to Pokestop. Pokestop is a haven for Trainer to gain the necessary playing like a Poke Ball, Egg Pokemon and other support elements.

device Support Pokemon Go Play Online

Because in our daily lives can not always monitor your phone, then this game is also launching a support device called Pokemon Go Plus. The device is in the form of a pin or brooch which is connected to a Bluetooth mobile phone. This brooch will detect if there is a Pokemon that is close to the player. Just by pressing a button in the brooch, the Pokemon will be caught. The catch will be visible if you have opened a game application on the phone.

But remember, because the play you have to travel outside the home, so when you play you have permission and in monitoring the elderly.

pokemon go online

One goal is to capture the entire play Pokemon Pokemon and complete collection of virtual monsters in your list. But the practice, catch Pokemon is not as easy as you think, because there are some monsters that you do not go hunting manifest themselves. And again you just met with a wide cupu monster Rattata, Pidgey, Caterpie, Doduo and others.

So, what really no Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go coins hack bot? Where is the legendary Pokemon are? Really, what kind of monster is actually in the game? The answer is: There is!

Pokemon world has a variety of legendary monsters, ranging from Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, Mew, Ditto and Mewtwo. However, until now no one any player who captured the legendary monster in the game Pokemon Go.

27 Jul

Surefire Battery Saving Tips Your Smartphone


The existence of cell phones is one of the things important enough to support daily activities. Especially for those of his work connected with the client or should always establish connections with many people. However, the smart phone batteries quickly depleted often hampered.

It’s now already exists the existence of power bank that practically brought to anywhere. However, there are practical steps that can really be used to conserve the battery’s favorite smartphone. What the heck?

Turn off Wifi, Bluetooth and Data package If Unused
There are still many smartphone users who allow WiFi, Bluetooth and data package remains lit when the smartphone is not used. This connectivity can absorb the power of mobile phones quickly so that the battery can be quickly depleted.

Lower The Brightness Of The Screen
The level of brightness of the screen smartphone is one of the main factors that make the battery quickly runs out. Do light settings screen smartphone by lowering the brightness, but still comfortable on the eyes. In addition, the period of time out or a standby too long also affect battery life. Reduce standby time battery in order for his smartphone more durable.

Turn Off The GPS
GPS or location service spend most battery consumption after the screen. Turn on the GPS function only when needed only. For example, when you access Maps to search for a location. So, don’t forget to use the completed turn off the back so that the battery is more durable.

Did efficiency in Battery Charge
Recharge the battery also need to know the right techniques. Basically, smartphone batteries consist of two types: lithium and nickel. Types of lithium battery-charge recurring need in order to maintain its power. In the meantime, if you are using a battery type nickel battery when charging, do a little live up to maximum capacity, that is 100% in order to maximize performance.

Do Not Let The Device Heat
The condition is that hot smartphone can cause the condition of the batteries is more wasteful. Device that feels the heat make the Android system extra work. This is what then takes up excessive battery consumption. Save your mobile phone in a cool to make the temperature remains stable, Yes.

27 Jul

The Benefits of a Pachyrhizus Erosus In Jicama for Females

Yam bean, fruit-shaped bulbs round with thick skin is lightly browned it is a fruit that is very common in tropical areas, including Indonesia. The fruit is edible as usual mix of rujak or ice when the weather is hot. In addition to fresh in the mouth, turned out to have any usefulness jicama for beauty. You probably already know the benefits of a pachyrhizus erosus fruit to brighten the skin of the body and face. But it is not just that, you know, the benefits of a pachyrhizus erosus for females.

the benefits of a pachyrhizus erosus for females

the benefits of a pachyrhizus erosus for females

Want to know what are the benefits of beauty hidden in fruit of pachyrhizus erosus? Following we show four of which are summarized from various sources for you in cara membuat masker bengkoang.

1. prevents premature aging
According to Dr. Oz, jicama is a powerful fruit to prevent and overcome premature aging. Because this fruit as it turns out the high content of vitamin C which will serve as an antidote to free radicals that make skin aging faster.

To get the benefits, you can eat the fruit fresh jicama on a regular basis.

2. Brighten skin
It’s been no secret when jicama is able to make the appearance of the skin brighter. Because the Yam bean contains a lot of vitamin B1 and vitamin C work together to nourish and make skin look brighter glow.

To brighten the face with Yam bean, you can use it to mask. Peel fresh jicama, shredded and then some. Use grated jicama fruit flesh as face masks.

3. Cool the skin
High water content in the jicama with anti-inflammatory properties in it useful to cool the skin and relieve pains and burning on the skin that are exposed to sunlight for too long. Use the mask of grated Yam bean in the face and body skin exposed to the Sun. You can refrigerate sliced jicama fruit in the refrigerator first before memarutnya.

4. Make the skin healthy
Vitamin B1, vitamin C, and various essential minerals in the Yam bean can make your skin more healthy and fresh. Consumption of fruit juice or fresh jicama jicama are no added sweeteners or dairy regularly to get fresh natural radiant skin.

17 Jul

custom order that has the ideal body weight

No one wants to experience obesity. That’s for sure. Unfortunately, the lower the weight to the ideal is not as easy as it is for many people. Although, there are also people who did not seem to trouble losing excess body weight. What is the secret?

No guessing. The national Weight Control Registry (NWCR) and Global Healthy Weight Registry (GHWR) to evaluate the healthy habits of their clients who successfully lose weight. This is their habit of it:
1. They were always breakfast
Nine out of 10 adults in the successful GHWR achieve the ideal weights are those who never miss breakfast, 78 perwen their success is determined olrh these good habits. cara menghitung berat badan ideal

Breakfast helps mrngontrol excessive appetite. People who eat breakfast tend to be fewer calories than people who do not have breakfast.

Select menu healthy breakfast like cereal or oatmeal or whole wheat bread with chunks of fresh fruit, eggs or grilled chicken breast/boiled without skin.

Scientific findings are published by the Nutrition Research mentions, the breakfast of oatmeal, have weight and size of waist circumference less than the no breakfast oatmeal.
2. Regular weigh weight
Make friends with the scales can be one of the keys to successful weight loss. Even 75% of applicants NWCR weigh at least once a week.

This allows them to take immediate action if you see numbers on the scales move up or stagnant.

Results from recent clinical trials showed that people who weigh at least five days perminggu, can lower the weights about three times more than that do not routinely weigh.
3. they Often Exercise
Many studies show that diet plays a major role in weight loss programs. This does not mean you don’t need to exercise.

Almost 90 percent of those who gained weight, exercising NWCR located in approximately 60 minutes every day, throughout the week. And 42 percent of clients who successfully lose body GHWR, routine work out five days a week.

If you don’t exercise at all, the results of the weight loss will not be satisfactory. The muscles you’ll be slack and not effective for burning fat.
4. They do not diet
This may sound hard to believe, but this is the truth. Those who successfully lose weight diet, rarely. In GHWR, 74 participants said they never or rarely diet.

They focus on the quality of their food choices (such as fruits and vegetables, lean protein and whole grains), listening to hunger and satiety signals delivered by the brain and the stomach, limiting the time watching TV (relax in front of the TV for too long could trigger snacking desire), and rarely operates outside.

01 Jul

Tips to Fix Dry Batteries Are Already Dead

Find ways to improve dry battery dead will certainly be an advantage for users of motorcycles and cars which are now the majority have been using dry type batteries are also called the Battery MF (Maintenance Free). That is, the type of battery like this is maintenance free because it no longer requires charging water batteries or zuur mandatory and periodic. In addition, free want positioned upright or tilted will not be a problem.

Tips to Fix Dry Batteries Are Already Dead

Excess use MF battery is more durable and has a very high performance due to wear special separator and the grid which is resistant to corrosion. The price is slightly more expensive than the wet type battery, so it would be better if we learn how to fix dry battery is exhausted or weakened in order to save even more. Nowadays practically almost all electronic equipment ranging from emergency lights until the car or motorcycle electrical system applying MF batteries as storage and its DC supply voltage.

Before starting practice how to fix a dry battery is overdrawn, so first prepare some materials and tools for equipment.

  • Air battery (zuur). Make sure you buy the right that is water that is normally used to charge a new battery, not the battery liquid water enhancer.
  • Screwdriver (-) which allows it to be used as an opening cover the top of the dry battery.
  • Printer ink injections or syringes to insert zuur water into the battery box.
  • Prepare a rag just in case if there is liquid drips or spills.

Next Phase Fixing Dry Batteries

  • First, prepare the dry battery to be repaired and cleaned first try of dirt dust on the body of the battery using warm water so that the dirt can be easily detached.
  • Opens the top cover with a flat-head screwdriver by force but must be careful not to get parts that are torn or ruptured. Normally closed stick strongly because of the plant already in glue to prevent leakage.
  • Once open, you’ll find a small rubber cap round usually there are 3 close to the battery of small size and can be a lot more to the size of the battery with large ampere.
  • Prepare zuur water into the injection and you can begin to enter the liquid zuur on any existing holes carefully with a maximum size of 1 cm below the hole should not be terlau full.
    Cover the hole and make sure it is tightly lest terturup with no indication of a leak.
  • Position the cover body in its original position until it looks neat and tight. If the due process that had been forcibly opening has provoked a concession, you can give him a plastic glue (glue gun) to help reattach perfectly.
  • Dry battery is ready to do CHARGER for charging voltage by connecting on a motorcycle or a car that could’ve lit (JUMPER) that the newly improved battery is getting tengangan inject early as starter. There is another option that is by using a transformer cas charging (Charger Transformer) for charging a faster start.
  • You can check if the battery already has a charge voltage, if it is, you can directly replace the cars and motorcycles are in want and then do the starter to start the engine. If the machine has been successfully put on, so that is left in the position of stationary (idle rotation) until at least 15 minutes to adjust to fill the battery with a stable voltage.
01 Jul

Eliminate Acne With Potato And Tomato Mask

Pimpled face was like a nightmare, especially for women. Facial acne will show us, as one figure – would we not be able to care for themselves. But what can I say? Acne sucks, for it must be eradicated. This is because it can damage the skin, causing blockage of pores – skin pores due to dirt. Acne can be present for several reasons. Perhaps our skin is dirty due to pollution and dirt from the air, it could be because of our excessive oil production. To care for our face to keep it fresh, clean, and oil production is also not excessive, we need a mix of materials – materials that can keep our skin from these two problems. In addition we need materials – these materials to eradicate and eliminate acne pimples.

Potato And Tomato Mask

Potatoes have long believed could remove spots – black spots on the face. The previous generation often rub the potatoes in their spare time in order to face free of spots – black spots and clean look. Meanwhile, the tomato has a lot of water content, so it can make the skin fresh and not sticky. Tomatoes are also functions to control the content of the oil produced, so that the face we can be free of excess oil and also to prevent and eliminate acne. The logic is, the more oil released, the more dirt and caught by the oil. If the dirt that it coagulates, it will clog pores – pores of the skin. Well, this blockage will be acne. For that, the best thing is to be diligent – cleanse the skin regularly. Jerawatanlewat

Then natural ingredients what we can use to keep the skin clean and maintained from acne? The material is easy, as already mentioned above, the use of potatoes and tomatoes. Want to use one, or two – both can. It would be better to use two -duanya since it contains both very full and active role in eliminating acne. How do I use them? Here is how the application of both ingredients.

Eliminate acne with potato mask

Potatoes can be applied directly to the face for how to get rid of acne. The trick is to slice a bit thin flesh, then rubbed – wipe the face. Or it could also be shredded potatoes and affixed to the face. No need to add water because the potatoes were already contains enough water. Make sure your face is clean of dust and dirt. Wash your face with warm water and apply a mask potatoes and wait for 20 minutes or until the potatoes seep water. During application, do not forget to gently massage the point – to a point such as the cheeks, nose, or chin, so that his face felt tight. Then, wash the face with cold water in order to feel fresh. Perform routine once every three days to keep skin free of spots – black spots and also cause acne.

Eliminate acne with tomato mask.

As we know, tomatoes contain plenty of water and vitamin A, which is not in doubt. Orange fruit is better used if the color has become orange and the water content is already a lot. But if you do not have the cooked tomatoes, tomatoes that are still green was good enough to be used as a mask. Quite the grated tomato and apply on the face. Leave half an intact tomatoes, thinly sliced – thin, then put into a bowl and pour hot water in it. Use the water to wash his face after being given a mask. This method is believed to make the face more fresh and free from acne. Use this mask every other day, because it is effective to keep the skin moist because water and not sticky with grease and dirt. Do it regularly, then within two or three weeks, you will see the results that this mask is suitable for eliminating acne.

Eliminate acne with potato and tomato mask

Grate the potatoes and tomatoes, then mix the two together. No need to be supplemented with water. The mask is applied to the face and leave on for 20 to 30 minutes, or when it dries. Can be applied over and over – again so many vitamins are absorbed. If dried, wash the face with cold water, in order to advance tasted fresh. Apply the mask to get rid of acne is when you are at leisure, because the mind is relaxed will also affect the skin. Good luck!

26 Jun

7 Tips Before Committing War Clash of Clans

Clash of clans cheat online Wanting victory when War was to be bro, because of the absence of desire to win, the results that you can not be maximized when the war. And that victory is achieved of course you’ll do some preparation so that when war did not occur mistakes made war a mess. Thus the board members on the Clan and Clan must salaing communicate and prepare for war as well as possible so that the desired kemenangnan materialized. And preparations before the war that can make you dominate the clan war clash of clans cheat online is as follows:

coc hack t

1. Determine the Level TH Member

Each Clan in the game clash of clans hack usually have a restriction level for the members, how it used to be matchmaking when war balance. If you have a member with Clan average TH level 7, you will get opponents with the same quality as well. So you have to put a limit to the members who want to join the Clan of you that war is going well.

2. Negotiate first time War

It is good before the war do you negotiate, useful way to minimize the member is absent when the war took place. Negotiations aim to determine an appropriate time when war, we certainly do not want to leave the war or our members do not follow the war.

3. Create Rule War

One thing that is typical of Clan war in Indonesia is the way they are organized and neat. The Clan in Indonesia has a special rule where the player must attack the opponent with the same serial number as hers when the initial war. For those of you who do not apply these rules, I suggest to implement it because it proved effective when used while War.

4. Check Design Base of the other Member

If entering a clan and has a position in the clan’s good you guys give advice to members on how to attack or designing their base. And note also the design of war base members ahead of a base belonging Clan War that tough guys. Do not forget to pay attention to the design of the base of your opponent in order to determine the point of discharge of troop and find weaknesses opponent.

5. Fill Clan Castle Member with proper Troop

Before the war the managers clan would normally fill the castle clan members with various troop. I recommend them with the contents of Clan Castle troop is really good quality. And because of this War is important, do not fill your friend indiscriminate CC. Once upon a time my war, and the content of my Clash of lords hack containing wall breaker and gobiln: ‘(.

6. Choose the Best Strategy

Fill in your barrack with troop-troop best for the results you get when war satisfactory. Ask for advice to other members of a good strategy when used war later. And adjust your troop to design base belonging to the opponent, knowing the type of base as well as the design base belonging to the opponent you can get good results.

7. Watch the trailer previous war.

Surely you all meinginginkan 3 stars when war, but if you never mengitrospeksi from the previous war mistakes you do not make any progress. Try looking at war footage before, so you can see where the mistakes you.

And if you have already accomplished a war trying to give advice to your members what strategy should be used so that your friend can give the best results. Good motivation also can make you go up the morale of the members and surely they will try to get a star

13 Jun

“Leiden is lijden”, because the leader is not born out of my comfort zone!

“Leiden is lijden!”. The lead is Suffering. The ancient adage that Mohammad Roem cites Netherlands in his books titled “Haji Agus Salim, the lead was Suffering” (Prisma No. 8, August 1977).

It deals with the essay example, Agus Salim. Agus Salim was known as one of the national struggles. He respected and eminent diplomat, but very simple and very limited from the material side.

If you take the very expression, full of meaning. The lead is a mandate, not a gift. The point is sacrificing, not demanding. The lead is a sacrifice, not demanding.

Measure the soul of leadership

Almost all of the scholarship program aimed at looking for future leaders. They are youths who are expected to be sitting in a chair a steering wheel and take the nation towards a dangerous country competitive and dignified at 100 years of age its independence.

It is certainly not easy. Measure the value of motivation, and leadership is not as easy to measure language skills the United Kingdom or measure of cognitive ability and academic. Even “measuring instrument” called motivation statement and interviews though they can miss the mark.

Who can guarantee if a motivation statement which is very articulate and make the selection team has suddenly turned into some questions and count about the rights received as a scholarship recipient?

Who can guarantee if the statements of patriotic and idealistic delivered with excited at the time of the interview abruptly turned into questions about personal interests that put forward the elements of cost-benefit solely?

Comfort zone

The lead is sacrificed. Similarly for those students who are preparing to continue his studies abroad. The main sacrifice is required, i.e. the readiness to leave the convenience zone (comfort zone).

Bung Hatta will not be so great if only the characters busy tallying up large allowance received from the Foundation Van Deventer, who gave him a scholarship. Hatta diligent writes in several newspapers in the Netherlands at the time of the study there. He did not just to channel the fruits she thought, but also to the additional allowance.

However, Habibie will not be such significant figures that if he decided not to leave a very beloved mother. In fact, the proximity of Habibie with the mother is adamant, especially since her father died.

So, leave your comfort zone means must be willing to go work, and the opportunity to be promoted. Also, should be prepared to leave small children and is being cute or part with a couple who recently married a couple of weeks. Or, forced to follow the style of long distance relationship (LDR) with her boyfriend. What can be made?

Leave your comfort zone also means being willing to leave the comfort and “luxuries,” such as the Sun that shines for 365 days a year, which is replaced with dreary skies and high winds. Must be willing to let go of the treatment in the mie tek-tek every night passing in front of the House. It was all replaced with hard bread and sliced cheese.

They are a Muslim have willingly to relinquish treatment in prayer on Eid with family in feast and replaced by hour alone for a month. Any widths away from the family and opor ayam delights and delicious.

All of the readiness and the ability to leave the comfort zone is to be a key factor in reaching success. Dare?

No, there is not a great leader who was born in a comfort zone. There is no great accomplishment taken out of the comfort zone. Nothing great comes from a convenience zone! http://www.onlinetv.id/2016/03/rcti.html

“There is only one country that deserves to be my country. He grew up with deeds, and deeds it is my Act “.

That’s the defence speech excerpts Bung Hatta in “Indonesia Vrij” on March 22, 1928, at the Court in the Hague, Netherlands. In court, it was decided that this was the Kingdom of the Netherlands Indies changing into Indonesia.

Well, welcome struggling in current and windy students in Indonesia. Bring home the Sun!

13 Jun

Is it true that Once had an affair will continue having an affair?

You have a good reason to suspect someone who has cheated you in the past, according to a new study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Researchers are surveying people who have a long-term relationship with the history of their infidelity.

Among those who had been unfaithful in a previous relationship, 30 percent are having an affair their current spouse. Compare with only 13 percent of those who never had an affair with partners previously.

This pattern holds true for both men and women and is supported by previous studies.

The researchers call this tendency, as the “threshold effects.”

Once you’ve had an affair, committing adultery again can seem like no big deal, says study author Frank Dattilio, Ph.d., a clinical psychologist in Allentown, Pa.

But, that doesn’t mean that we can’t change their viewpoints. Remember, 70 percent of those who never get lost in the past, could eventually become a faithful partner in their relationship at this time.

So, how do you know if the former having an affair credible?

Talk with your partner about infidelity and see how he reacts, Dattilio said.

If your partner takes it lightly and act like you have no right to be concerned about it, it probably means that you have a reason to worry, he said. It’s a sign that your partner doesn’t appreciate loyalty.

But, if your spouse admits that he had an affair in the past (if he ever did) and admit that it is a big mistake, and it seems morose about it then you know that he’s a serious consider is having an affair is a huge sin, as are Your assumptions, Dattilio said. And you have a reason to believe again.