26 Jun

7 Tips Before Committing War Clash of Clans

Wanting victory when War was to be bro, because of the absence of desire to win, the results that you can not be maximized when the war. And that victory is achieved of course you’ll do some preparation so that when war did not occur mistakes made war a mess. Thus the board members on the Clan and Clan must salaing communicate and prepare for war as well as possible so that the desired kemenangnan materialized. And preparations before the war that can make you dominate the clan war clash of clans cheat online is as follows:

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1. Determine the Level TH Member

Each Clan in the game Clash of Clans usually have a restriction level for the members, how it used to be matchmaking when war balance. If you have a member with Clan average TH level 7, you will get opponents with the same quality as well. So you have to put a limit to the members who want to join the Clan of you that war is going well.

2. Negotiate first time War

It is good before the war do you negotiate, useful way to minimize the member is absent when the war took place. Negotiations aim to determine an appropriate time when war, we certainly do not want to leave the war or our members do not follow the war.

3. Create Rule War

One thing that is typical of Clan war in Indonesia is the way they are organized and neat. The Clan in Indonesia has a special rule where the player must attack the opponent with the same serial number as hers when the initial war. For those of you who do not apply these rules, I suggest to implement it because it proved effective when used while War.

4. Check Design Base of the other Member

If entering a clan and has a position in the clan’s good you guys give advice to members on how to attack or designing their base. And note also the design of war base members ahead of a base belonging Clan War that tough guys. Do not forget to pay attention to the design of the base of your opponent in order to determine the point of discharge of troop and find weaknesses opponent.

5. Fill Clan Castle Member with proper Troop

Before the war the managers clan would normally fill the castle clan members with various troop. I recommend them with the contents of Clan Castle troop is really good quality. And because of this War is important, do not fill your friend indiscriminate CC. Once upon a time my war, and the content of my Castle Clan containing wall breaker and gobiln: ‘(.

6. Choose the Best Strategy

Fill in your barrack with troop-troop best for the results you get when war satisfactory. Ask for advice to other members of a good strategy when used war later. And adjust your troop to design base belonging to the opponent, knowing the type of base as well as the design base belonging to the opponent you can get good results.

7. Watch the trailer previous war.

Surely you all meinginginkan 3 stars when war, but if you never mengitrospeksi from the previous war mistakes you do not make any progress. Try looking at war footage before, so you can see where the mistakes you.

And if you have already accomplished a war trying to give advice to your members what strategy should be used so that your friend can give the best results. Good motivation also can make you go up the morale of the members and surely they will try to get a star.

13 Jun

“Leiden is lijden”, because the leader is not born out of my comfort zone!

“Leiden is lijden!”. The lead is Suffering. The ancient adage that Mohammad Roem cites Netherlands in his books titled “Haji Agus Salim, the lead was Suffering” (Prisma No. 8, August 1977).

It deals with the essay example, Agus Salim. Agus Salim was known as one of the national struggles. He respected and eminent diplomat, but very simple and very limited from the material side.

If you take the very expression, full of meaning. The lead is a mandate, not a gift. The point is sacrificing, not demanding. The lead is a sacrifice, not demanding.

Measure the soul of leadership

Almost all of the scholarship program aimed at looking for future leaders. They are youths who are expected to be sitting in a chair a steering wheel and take the nation towards a dangerous country competitive and dignified at 100 years of age its independence.

It is certainly not easy. Measure the value of motivation, and leadership is not as easy to measure language skills the United Kingdom or measure of cognitive ability and academic. Even “measuring instrument” called motivation statement and interviews though they can miss the mark.

Who can guarantee if a motivation statement which is very articulate and make the selection team has suddenly turned into some questions and count about the rights received as a scholarship recipient?

Who can guarantee if the statements of patriotic and idealistic delivered with excited at the time of the interview abruptly turned into questions about personal interests that put forward the elements of cost-benefit solely?

Comfort zone

The lead is sacrificed. Similarly for those students who are preparing to continue his studies abroad. The main sacrifice is required, i.e. the readiness to leave the convenience zone (comfort zone).

Bung Hatta will not be so great if only the characters busy tallying up large allowance received from the Foundation Van Deventer, who gave him a scholarship. Hatta diligent writes in several newspapers in the Netherlands at the time of the study there. He did not just to channel the fruits she thought, but also to the additional allowance.

However, Habibie will not be such significant figures that if he decided not to leave a very beloved mother. In fact, the proximity of Habibie with the mother is adamant, especially since her father died.

So, leave your comfort zone means must be willing to go work, and the opportunity to be promoted. Also, should be prepared to leave small children and is being cute or part with a couple who recently married a couple of weeks. Or, forced to follow the style of long distance relationship (LDR) with her boyfriend. What can be made?

Leave your comfort zone also means being willing to leave the comfort and “luxuries,” such as the Sun that shines for 365 days a year, which is replaced with dreary skies and high winds. Must be willing to let go of the treatment in the mie tek-tek every night passing in front of the House. It was all replaced with hard bread and sliced cheese.

They are a Muslim have willingly to relinquish treatment in prayer on Eid with family in feast and replaced by hour alone for a month. Any widths away from the family and opor ayam delights and delicious.

All of the readiness and the ability to leave the comfort zone is to be a key factor in reaching success. Dare?

No, there is not a great leader who was born in a comfort zone. There is no great accomplishment taken out of the comfort zone. Nothing great comes from a convenience zone! http://www.onlinetv.id/2016/03/rcti.html

“There is only one country that deserves to be my country. He grew up with deeds, and deeds it is my Act “.

That’s the defence speech excerpts Bung Hatta in “Indonesia Vrij” on March 22, 1928, at the Court in the Hague, Netherlands. In court, it was decided that this was the Kingdom of the Netherlands Indies changing into Indonesia.

Well, welcome struggling in current and windy students in Indonesia. Bring home the Sun!

13 Jun

Is it true that Once had an affair will continue having an affair?

You have a good reason to suspect someone who has cheated you in the past, according to a new study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Researchers are surveying people who have a long-term relationship with the history of their infidelity.

Among those who had been unfaithful in a previous relationship, 30 percent are having an affair their current spouse. Compare with only 13 percent of those who never had an affair with partners previously.

This pattern holds true for both men and women and is supported by previous studies.

The researchers call this tendency, as the “threshold effects.”

Once you’ve had an affair, committing adultery again can seem like no big deal, says study author Frank Dattilio, Ph.d., a clinical psychologist in Allentown, Pa.

But, that doesn’t mean that we can’t change their viewpoints. Remember, 70 percent of those who never get lost in the past, could eventually become a faithful partner in their relationship at this time.

So, how do you know if the former having an affair credible?

Talk with your partner about infidelity and see how he reacts, Dattilio said.

If your partner takes it lightly and act like you have no right to be concerned about it, it probably means that you have a reason to worry, he said. It’s a sign that your partner doesn’t appreciate loyalty.

But, if your spouse admits that he had an affair in the past (if he ever did) and admit that it is a big mistake, and it seems morose about it then you know that he’s a serious consider is having an affair is a huge sin, as are Your assumptions, Dattilio said. And you have a reason to believe again.

12 Jun

Don’t tell 5 things This time of “Traveling”

Think before you speak. That’s probably wise advice for us, especially when traveling. For the sake of respect for the local population, our comfort and safety while traveling, here are five things You should not say while traveling.

1. “Do you speak English?”

This applies if you visit the primary language is not the language of the United Kingdom. Prior to vacationing abroad, try to learn some simple phrases in the local language, such as: “please”, “Hello”, “Thank you”, “no, thank you”, “where is the toilet”, and other important questions, including the phrase “Do you speak English?”.

If it has to be said, “Do you speak English?”, Speaking in the local language. Typically, residents will be more responsive and willing to help people who don’t assume that all the world’s inhabitants must tell the language of his mother.

2. “can I exchange money?”

Don’t ever ask and ask for a little Exchange money to tour guides, hotel hygiene officers, servants, and others who are not on the payment machine.

To anticipate, prepare the fractional change in local currency before you leave.

3. “I get lost. I stay in (name your hotel) … ”

Once you get lost, don’t ever tell where you stay to a stranger. Many tourists who became victims of the criminal offense, especially in popular tourist destinations-destinations.

Tell a stranger that you are from another area or mention the name of the hotel/lodging is not a good idea. Do not cover the possibility of You getting robbed or kidnapped, especially if Your residence security was not so tight.

4. “I don’t want to go there! No, his review.”

Review on a tourist destination on travel websites are indeed necessary, but that does not mean we close the possibility to go to new places that no his review.

Too dependent on reports of people on travel sites can-can, in fact, make you lose the opportunity to find a new location.

5. “Ssstt … you know not? I have a bomb in a suitcase …
Safety regulation in the aviation sector, arguably more stringent than the other transportation industries. There have been many cases of tourists being arrested party airport security because joking about a bomb at the airport.

Jokes or comments about bomb threats against the passengers or the aircraft will be taken seriously and may result in criminal or civil penalties for the perpetrators. http://katakan.net/

Surely you don’t want to mess vacation plans just because of a joke isn’t it? So, never joked reserved bomb at the airport, just save Your jokes to tell after the exit from the airport.

12 Jun

Snowy Mountain Climbing Tips

If you are already a regular climb mountains to the characteristics of tropical rainforest in Indonesia, there is the option of the snowy mountains which offers the thrill of another adventure. However, the required preparations are certainly different from the climbing-mountains area.

The world’s seven summits climbers origin Indonesia (Indonesia’s Seven a Summiter) from Wanadri, Nurhuda (28) to the KompasTravel give some tips for beginner climbers before attempting to climb the snowy mountains.

The following tips can be observed and carried out before climbing from Nurhuda or familiar accosted Huda when found in the event Ngabuburit #Ultra7 Caterva “& Himalaya’s Summit Experience on-campus Adventure & Journalism Institute of social and political science, London.

Physical preparation

Mountain climbing activities necessarily entails a physical Prime. Huda said, physical exercises that can be done is jogging or trail running. The frequency of physical exercise in the form of a run can be as much as two to three times a week.

For a menu of exercises, in General, can be done during the three months before the climb the mountain. Huda added target achievement of running could be improved each month during the exercise.

“If exercise increase the height, can play in the distance or time. If the distance is added. Once a week away can be ditingkatan for example, the week after it rose so 15 or 21 kilos, “said Huda.

“If not, it could mean around in time. Or if not possible, target time can be improved. For example ran 15 kilometers (over) an hour and a half, reduced so one hour. That’s what so target, “added Huda.

The dining menu
During the exercise, meals also have to watch out for. According to Huda, the nutrients from the food that is consumed is the thing that is absolutely satisfied. Four healthy menus five perfect is the food that can be consumed.

“Because later we climb fit it takes a lot of nutrients. So if create food for mountaineering, we hoard lematk or nutrients. Suggested his nutritional should be great. His nutritional can of meat, animal protein, vegetable, and fruits, “said Huda.

Research of hiking paths

Like mountain climbing in tropical regions, research is also required when wanting to climb the snowy mountains. The time of research, the elements that need to be known as the distance climbing per day, the distance the movement to add height while climbing, the temperature on the mountain, the best season for climbing and other factors that support to make travel plans.

According to Huda, the process of research can be facilitated by search engines such as Google. However, the thing to note is the information about the movement of displacement height. It was influential to the ability of each person to adjust the body’s response to an elevation of.

“We’ve got information gunungnya and then make his itinerary. Per day it rises in height too far. If for example googling kan, someone else can (move the height distance) but we could not necessarily movements per day. It is to note, “added Huda

The operator ascent
For beginner climbers, Huda suggest to use operator assistance climbing. It is useful to facilitate the consultation about the plans of the ascent of the mountains which will be climbed.

According to Huda, the operator ascent also helps in relative costs compared to when planning a climbing independently. Costs incurred when planning will tend to be more expensive because of the logistics of climbing must purchase independently.

Climbing costume

Snowy mountain ascent will be pursued with extreme temperatures. Important things you need to be prepared is climbing costume concept layering system.

Huda explained, layering system consists of three types of base layer, namely the second layer, and the outer layer. Base layer can be made from polyester which is forwarding the body heat to the outside so that it does not save the sweat.

“If for a second layer of insulation for example must be made of or fleez pollar and also down. It to withstand the heat of the body. The outer layer that protects us from the outside environment such as wind, rain, and snow for example windbreaker, “says Huda.

Climbing equipment and supplies
While climbing, climbing equipment also serves helped while walking. Huda mentions, for backpack while hiking up relatively the same when compared to climbing mountains.

Climbing equipment and supplies are the essence of different pouches is sleep (sleeping bag). If the temperature of the snow mountain ranges climbed want to-10 degrees Celsius, then select sleep SAC that can warm the body up to-20 degrees Celsius.

“The important thing to mention trekking pole. According to the study, trekking pole can be mengefisiensikan. For shoes, try to choose a larger size one number from the regular size because later when climbing will use a berbabhan thick socks, “

11 Jun

“This Time”, It Is Still Just A Whim Select Campus?

If there is still a student who claims to be “just idly” choosing a major in College, these children may be “less picnic” alias not much open insight. Idle will not be able to accomodate competition, which among other things the more strict since the entry into force of the ASEAN Economic Community (MEA) starting in 2015.

Behind the burgeoning opportunities stretching with this deal, the challenge also increased. Jobs here, for example, can be contested by workers from ASEAN. Choosing the right college for students who intend on continuing education, is one way of preparing to face competition.

Educational choices should adjust its capabilities and fit in with the needs of the world of work. Per 25 may 2016, registration for the selection of joint State College (SBMPTN) is opened.

“More or less opened Registration for one month until May 20, 2016. As for its implementation was done on May 31, “said 2016.0 Chairman SBMPTN 2016 Rochmat Wahab, Friday (22/4/2016).

In addition to universities, various universities and private campuses also are preparing to welcome new students. There is also an extensive scholarship program from the State or the agency that offers assistance with tuition fees for inside or outside the country.

The question is, what should be paid before registering and or choice College?

Program of study

Prospective students should already know the course (program study) the options before choosing a college. General considerations determining program study based on job prospects or profession in the future, interests, and also a talent.

If you are confident program study, you can specify the quality of the College to major in it. For example, a candidate who is interested in the status of this medicine may choose the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Indonesia (MEDICINE). Refers to the topuniversities.com of MEDICINE sits in the top 79 SE-Asia and 358 of the world.

Valuable input

When confused determine the choice, students may request advice from the seniors who have a profession associated program study of their choosing. Senior experience can give an overview of the related process of study and occupations that will result later.

Also, students can discuss with teachers of subjects related program study. If students are interested in taking medical engineering program study, for example, then consult the teacher of biology or natural science subjects (IPA) other.

Location and costs

The determination of the site of the College is closely associated with the cost of tuition. You can search the University around the residence to save expenses during the study. When forced to get out of the city, students may choose the location of the College with tuition fees and live affordable.

What if the funds are still not enough? Fear not, various alternative roads are reaching the dream of College. Students can sign up scholarships or tuition waivers filed to campus goals. You can also earn extra money by working part-time or freelance.

Research online and field

The next step, prospective students, should continue to look for University related information and status of this choice. So you don’t just have one choice because more options will open a campus received greater opportunities.

Students can browse through the achievement of university status of this virtual world. A good College have special websites is complete and comprehensive. A website that would contain a variety of information, such as facilities, faculty, academic activities and types of non-academic, as well as the status of accredited status.

To a campus that has not been accredited status displays information, prospective students can ensure national accreditation Bodies through the site of the College Ministry of National Education (BAN-PT Kemdiknas). That state is composed of three levels, namely category A means excellent, B means well, and C means sufficient.

Furthermore, students can visit some colleges already researched online and compare all the information with the data in the field. Any prospective students had the chance to talk directly with professors and students of the University

The quality of graduates and Alma Mater

The quality of college graduates can be seen in ready-to-wear and ready work produced. University cooperation network with powerful companies could be one of your choices. Because the campus had a greater chance to recommend graduates at that company.

The other thing to be aware of a candidate is a gathering of College alma mater. From there, often information about jobs flowing from the senior to junior. contohbajumuslimbaru.com 

Self-employment program

Refer to the data of the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) in 2014 there 9.5 per cent (688,660 persons) of the college alumni Indonesia does not have a job. From this data, students should select jelly University, which is not only oriented to give the title but also had an entrepreneurial education program.

In doing so, colleges are expected to suppress the educated unemployment. The campus of directing students to be able to open up new employment after graduating, not only looking for a job with a degree education.

11 Jun

Learn … Don’t mess with your baby!

The book is a window to the knowledge, including the Affairs of the growing swell of the baby. Mom needs deep knowledge intake reserved a favourite child.

Yes, anyone who has had a baby indeed eager to let her child grow healthy and smart. Of course, understanding the growing swell of healthy children does not come with it. Need the role of the mother in regulating diet and intake of the right.

To reach the right target, the mother certainly needs to learn and figure out a pattern of healthy eating for her baby. One of them passed the book 365 Days Plus MP-ASI ASI Companion: food for children aged 6-18 months, written Lies Setyarini and Diana Damayanti.

This book present to equip the House mother in bringing up the baby food companion through breast milk (BREAST MILK). The book also outlines what and how to give away food companion practically ASI. The following the steps:

Dietary instructions babies ages 6-18 months

This book outlines the activities of the day off the day for 365 days in making planning food for the baby BREAST MILK companion aged 6-18 months. From day one until day 365 book is solid gives practical guidance to cultivate healthy food for the child.

In this section the author presents knowledge began the introduction of various food recipes, the ingredients should be provided, a number of grams as recommended by, as well as recommended, how to make the food until the fast-food restaurant. In fact, there are also instructions about how to give food to the baby and not just any bribe.

Sebutlah e.g. for infants aged between 6-7 months. Children in this age should be given extra soft foods, such as milk porridge. Then at the age of 7-9 months, a baby can be delivered the food is a bit rough. That is, nourishment for the baby does not need to be screened again.

Meanwhile, at the age of 9-12 months baby food is given more rough again, for example, the rice team soggy. Furthermore, on page 14-15 apparently given guidelines or instructions, and the age of the baby. So, the food would be appropriate given the age of the child.

In the book also presented a variety of food choices in between, ASI companion pureed chicken liver, milk, oatmeal, avocado, carrots, banana, serelia, brown rice, broccoli, spinach, apples, pumpkin, potatoes, the fish of the sea.

However, regarding the selection of vegetables and fruit are also advised to select red, yellow, green, Orange, yellow, green, blue or purple, and white. The colored fruit and vegetable each has different properties that are useful to the body.

Whole food options have explained the benefits and content of its nutrition value. The baby is sure to love it.

Also, processed milk as yogurt and cheese are also useful as a source of calcium. However, don’t try to give sugar or sweeteners that are not necessary to the baby.
Of all the home given to infants, was also given a morning and afternoon interlude menu, including ASI/PASI, avocado, orange juice, apple cider, fruit soup, and more.

The question is, what is a RAJPUT? This is an acronym for substitute of BREAST MILK. PASI is given if the mother is unable to or pain so unable to provide breast milk. PASI is the content of cow’s milk formula of nutrients has been changed so that it fits the needs of the baby.

Mother any baby learning, learning

Indeed, for the mother who gave birth to the first new, gift of breast milk (BREAST MILK) exclusive lasted for six months. Breastfeeding is recommended without additional beverages of any kind, including honey and others.

Why? The reason, the baby for six months, did not require it. Only BREAST MILK that she needs.

However, after going through a period of exclusive BREAST MILK for six months, babies need food companion ASI (MP-ASI) between 6-18 months. In the age range of 6-18, this is the kid learned to eat solid food.

About food “Companion” BREAST MILK is indeed the most widely asked the Housemother to a doctor or health practitioner. How to provide food for the baby that is right, real, nutritious, healthy, and not boring? Roughly so these questions.

Companion food ASI did no can be given a desultory. That is to say, the food provided should ideally meet the needs of nutrients a baby up to 80 percent. Some of these are the requirements of iron and zinc (zinc) of a given food.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2008, 40 percent of children in the world are experiencing a deficiency anemia (shortage) of iron. As a result, children can experience developmental disorders, among other intelligence.

Iron serves as a sheath of nerve cells. Mirisnya, iron deficiency can not be repaired, so prevention is the best way.

Feed the baby is a process in itself baby chew food. Instead, the mother ever learning how to feed the baby needed.

10 Jun

The meaning of the real Wealth

About a month ago, on May 12, 2016, at the Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place Jakarta, I was invited to be a speaker at the annual Bank Permata, Wealth Wisdom: True Essence of Wealth.

This event presents a dozen top speakers from inside and outside the country, such as T.P. Rachmat, Adam Khoo, Elizabeth Dunn, Dian Sastrowardoyo, Hamish David, Indra, Eva Celia, and Mariska Prudence. I feel honored to have become part of a row of speakers at this event.

First, get this invitation in the year-end 2015, I am so excited because this event aims to provide an understanding to many people about holistic wealth, a wealth of thorough concept in man that is not merely money and material things. I am glad there is a national event that concern and raised this theme.

Because usually on other occasions I am often asked to speak about how to earn money, money and money. The world as though it contains only about things that are temporal.

Indeed as a business person, I am daily confronted with the reality of how to develop a business that traveled and got as many profits from a business that is run.

However, the more excited I pursue money, the hollow of my life. It all turned out to be a pseudo thing.

So in this event, I try to speak with a different point of view about the meaning of wealth. I would like to widen the definition of real property so as to provide happiness and inner.

I gave a seminar with the title of Spiritual Awakening and Social Giving Towards A Wealthy Life. The big picture from the title that I bring is how to apply spiritual values in life and can provide the maximum benefit to others.

I start the seminar with a simple question, “What is Success?

In the middle of the world all-around materialistic nowadays, many humans who live life like a robot. Daily work routines with the imprisoned Princess seemingly incessant for the sake of achieving one goal: money.

This thing was so hailed, adorable and fought until the very end blood point. How to look for it to be not important, the important thing should be. Match report: each other and exchanged it, even with friends and family, things that are considered commonplace to get these things. http://www.matakuliah.net/2015/08/cara-mengobati-cantengan.html

They forget, that life is not forever. They forget, that life is not merely collect the coffers of wealth. They forget, that life is not just about the material.

It all happened because of the brain and mind are already covered by desire and carnal lust. Yes, that’s the man who is never satisfied with what he had. When do not have a vehicle, want to have the motor. The time already had a motorcycle, like to get in the car. When already have one car, want to have two cars. Is endless.

10 Jun

From professional to Entrepreneurial jumped into a pond full of Risks

Owning your own business, it is often tempting and alluring more people. Moreover, the workers.

Senyampang a person who, being an entrepreneur was amazingly yummy. Working time more flexible. Also the average wallet thicker.

His name also had its own, willing to work in the morning, noon, or night, all decided by themselves. Income can also own set. Want to be. Want more too.

Different case with being workers. Time off work is intense, sometimes still work plus extras. The rules are also very binding. This should not, cannot be so. Must be this way, or should be so. The monthly income is relatively fixed, and the necessities of life keep moving up.

That’s the stereotype private life entrepreneur or self-employment. Assessments made by mere perception. The view that simplifies many aspects, so it tends to be inaccurate or incorrect.

The following are some names that have different motives when leaving the old world, the world of work, and dive into a new world, the world of entrepreneurship. The reasons vary, with the span of time running the business which also vary.

The people here have a different reason when switching quadrants of professional workers to become an entrepreneur. Leaving the rich old world, regularly, for sure, then jumped to the new pond, swim in the turbulent world, full of uncertainty, and risk-laden.

Leap Startle

Compare Cynthia or Heru, Michael Ginarto decision (33) to jump into the pool of entrepreneurship and even more astonished most of his business associates and colleagues.

Before starting his own business, he was Country Director for the Crown Group Indonesia. This is Australia’s leading property company founded by entrepreneur Indonesia, Iwan Sunito.

In this company, along with team-mate Michael succeeded in putting the achievements that are not small. At one point, Crown Group successfully recorded sales totaling approximately 3.8 trillion rupiahs in just one day.

Michael Ginarto
Michael along with his team in Indonesia contributed sales of about 430 billion rupiahs. Property sales worth was approaching 0.5 trillion in Indonesia, so be one of the highest selling records in the shortest time ever in Indonesia.
One night, a spiritual event approached him. He was shown a vision of God to build a container to help more abandoned children and physically challenged children. Stunned he got that kind of event.

Then, he soon built up a foundation named Blessmore Foundation. He set aside a portion of his income to the Foundation, support their social organization, including sharing some income that he earned from his work through the Foundation.

He then realized the need to have its ship, so that he could help the children more and more.

Then, early in the year 2016, he decided to build a business network (network marketing), which offers products for health and beauty by the name of Gilmore under the umbrella of PT GIN International.

Through his new ship, he is convinced that the vision of her life to be a channel of blessing (bless) bigger (more) can he make it happen.

Michael indeed still has to prove that the new business from this is a ship that is sturdy and capable of sailing up to much.

For that, though International GIN arguably still in infancy stage, Michael built his team by a panel of experts that is reliable, secure financial the management of the management team, which pocketed the experience of tens years, and also a support system that support the success of the entire network.

The results of these strategies, with harvested in less than six months, GIN International has had 15 branches in cities like Bandung, Medan, Lampung, Makassar, Surabaya, Solo, Serpong, Jakarta, Jakarta. Some other cities have been waiting to be opened.

Starting with a clear vision and mission and glorious, the established leadership, Michael wanted to make GIN International network marketing companies that ought to be taken into account.

09 Jun

Facebook and Microsoft Wake undersea cables to the hottest in the world

Microsoft and Facebook are working together to build the infrastructure of the undersea cables with the world’s highest internet capacity, i.e. reaching 160 Tbps. Named MAREA, its ability even FASTER cable beat Google is only capable of up to 60 Tbps.

MAREA runs along the fringe of 6,600 km from Bilbao, Spain, to the coast of Virginia Beach, USA, with the splitting of the Atlantic Ocean. This infrastructure was built in August.

The project is in fact already trends since last year. At that time, Microsoft said it would have to create new infrastructure to increase the capacity of the cloud which those digital data users.

Facebook any similar challenges. Many user bases up to one billion people certainly need adequate infrastructure containers.

Moreover, other projects such as the Facebook virtual reality also currently been killed. Two giant technology feel to have interests that intersect.

As a result, there was an excellent development cooperation MAREA targeted for completion in October 2017. The question of the value of investments, both companies are the reluctant budget indulgence.

Built by bringing together eight pairs of fiber at once on a single cable. As a side note, fiber-optic cables more usually combines two pairs of fiber. http://www.katakan.net/2014/10/kata-kata-bijak-menyentuh-hati-wanita.html

This project is run Telxius, which is the contractor for the telecommunications infrastructure of origin Spain. As soon as they were completed, all Microsoft services and Facebook is expected to be more functional. Starting from cloud services, search engines, VR, gaming, to the status update and compile selfie.

Fiber-optic cable infrastructure is indeed obliged to support the internet quickly with broad coverage. In Indonesia, the Government direct control of development projects through the Palapa Ring.

The project is scheduled for completion in 2019, with a total capacity of 85 Gbps. Stretched 35,280 km of sea and land, 21,807 km Palapa Ring would reach 34 provinces and 440 City/County across the country.